DJ Fer – Fernando Robles

Tango music touches your heart and soul in many ways. When you hear the music, your brain generates emotions and reactions that make your body move and dance. Dancers focus sometimes on the melody or rhythm or perhaps the lyrics or the bandoneon solo as cues to expression in the dance. My intent as a DJ is to create a stream of emotions that range from joy to passion. I pay attention to how dancers embrace, look at each other, their posture and harmonious moves to the tango being played to find the music that keeps that energy alive. It is a wonderful experience to watch this energy play out in milongas. It is a conversation between the dancers and me. I invited them to dance with my opening song in a tanda and build the momentum with the following song to reach a crescendo with the next song and closing music that makes them remember their dance experience. With so much wonderful tango music from the golden period, the variations of such experience are endless.

I learned to appreciate tango dance and music under the late master teacher Pablo Fontana in Washington, D.C starting in 2006. He inspired me to develop an appreciation of the music and gave me my first serious collection of Argentine tango music. I have DJed in Washington, DC, Mexico City, Lima, Peru. I am now based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I DJ mostly in the Albuquerque and Santa Fe, New Mexico milongas and also in major tango festivals in the US including ATUSA (2022), Valentango (2019,2020, 2022 and 2023), Burning Tango (2019, 2021), and the San Miguel de Allende Tango Festival, Mexico.