Gastón Olguín

Gastón Olguín started his professional tango career in the iconic tango-opera Maria de Buenos Aires, in a staging that included the participation of librettist Horacio Ferrer and of world-known Argentine musicians.
Gastón was also a ballet dancer with the Ballet Neoclásico of Buenos Aires, directed by choreographer Guido de Benedetti, who was previously artistic director of the Colón Theater. With this ballet company, Gastón danced in classical and non-classical ballets, including Romeo and Juliet, Molier, and Rock & Tango, in the Metropolitan Theater in the famous Corrientes Avenue. Through his ballet career Gastón joined several dance companies, including Karina Olmedo’s Ballet Compacto and Juan Pablo Ledo’s Ballet de Cámara Tango Fusión. With the latter Gastón went into his first international tour.

In his tango career, Gastón danced in tango musicals such as Sebastián Tango and París Buenos Aires. He joined the tango companies Estampas Porteñas, directed by Carolina Soler, and Tempo Tango, directed by Ignacio Gonzales Cano. With the former, he toured Turkey.

Gastón was a dancer in Buenos Aires’ most traditional “casas de tango” that offer tango shows, including Sabor a Tango, La cumparsita, and Bar Sur. He also danced under choreographers Nicolás Cobos and Paola Jean Jean in Madero Tango, a well-known casa de tango located in the chic Puerto Madero neighborhood.

Gastón volunteered as a tango teacher in workshops for persons with Parkinson’s disease organized by Hospital Ramos Mejía under the direction of choreographer Juan Manuel Firmani.

In 2022 he danced with Fernanda Ghi the play Maria de Buenos Aires with the Kentucky Opera.

Since 2015 Gastón has been touring internationally as a tango teacher, participating tango festivals, workshops, and other events in the United States, Mexico, Great Britain, France, Italy, Germany, and Holland.