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Virginia Vasconi, world renowned Tango Dancer, Teacher and Choreographer, is the creator of a Tango technique based on Yoga, Dance Technique and Body Biomechanics, which is mainly characterized by naturalness, fluidity and organic movement. She is an Official Juror certified by the Buenos Aires City government for the World Tango Championships in Buenos Aires, the whole country of Argentina and around the world. She has training in Artistic Gymnastics, Jazz, Yoga, Ballet, Contemporary Dance, in theater and acting.

Jaimes Friedgen is one of the most accomplished and influential Tango teachers in the United States. Starting Tango as a teenager in the mid-Nineties, Friedgen had the opportunity to study with many extraordinary dancers and teachers, many of whom are no longer with us. He has carried forward his teaching as well as his own innovations by either founding or consulting for some of the most successful Tango schools in the U.S. and abroad. He is also a musician which can obviously be admired in his dancing.

Virginia and Jaimes started to dance together at the beginning of 2023. Virginia is one of the biggest names and prestigious Tango Salon/de Pista Teachers around the world and Jaimes is one of the most accomplished and influential Tango teachers in the United States. Together, they have been creating a new style, based on the connection of the embrace and of their bodies. They have developed their own language and their very unique way of interpreting and moving. Their distinctive characteristic is the combination of elegant Salon and flexible, elastic movements in a perfect fitting with the music. Their lines, legs work, softness, precision, flowing and passionate dancing creates their main essence as a Tango couple.